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Subject: Mob's Bath Boy 3This is the third chapter in my story of fiction during the days of mobsters.Any comments should be sent to chartoeaol.com
Mob's Bath Boy 3 The next day I decided that I had better try and open an account at
the bank but I didn't want my mother to know how much money I had. I asked
her at breakfast what I needed to do to open the account younger 14 nude
and she said young naturist pfotos that
she would have to sign for me to open the account but after that I could
make deposits or withdrawals without her being there. We made plans for me
to meet her at the bank right after she got off work. She said that we
should have enough time and that I should be sure to bring at least two
dollars with me. I told her I had four dollars to deposit.
She finished getting ready for work and told me that she would see
me at the bank. I finished up my breakfast and took a couple pieces of
candy down from the refrigerator. I placed a few pieces on the table for
my brother and sister and walked over to the window to see what was
happening on the streets below. I noticed the usual neighborhood bullies
pushing the few kids who had moved out of their apartments to play while it
was still cool.
I jumped when I heard the nock on the door but quickly realized it
was the baby sitter. As I opened the door she stepped in and I started out
and told her I would see her later. As I stepped out on the street I
looked young russian masturbation for the bullies and took a sigh of relief when there was none in
site. I walked in the direction of the bathhouse while window-shopping.
When I made it to the bathhouse I was greeted by the man who worked
the front desk. He said hello and asked how I was feeling as I pasted his
desk. I told him I felt great and he said that was good as he continued to
fool around with something under the counter. I continued on to Uncle
Joe's dressing room and quickly changed into my white swimsuit and then
proceeded to clean the room, not that it really needed it. I took some
disinfectant that had a real good smell to it and cleaned the table and
When the cleaning was done I checked the towels and took the dirty
ones to exchange for some clean ones. The boys who were doing the laundry
just nodded at me as I took a stack of towels and started back. After I
had placed the towels in the dressing room I sat down in the chair just
outside the door. I picked up the newspaper that was lying next to the
chair and started reading the day old news. The front page had a picture
of some police busting several barrels of bootleg whiskey. There was also
a picture of some man that was handcuffed that looked a lot like one of the
men I had seen in the bathhouse.
I was interrupted by the voice of an old man. He wanted to know if
I was busy or could I give him a quick massage. I looked around to make
sure he was talking to me and then stood up and said I would be happy to.
He told me to follow him as he moved into a room like Uncle Joe's.
We entered the dressing room and I noticed it was pretty much the
same as Uncle Joe's. The older gentleman moved over to the table and
sprawled out on his stomach. I grabbed the bottle of oil just above the
table and poured some on his back. He placed his face down in a towel. I
started rubbing the oil into the upper part of his back and worked some
into his shoulders. While I was rubbing the oil into his not so hard
muscles he was slowly rubbing his hand up and down my leg.
His hand would slowly glide down my leg as far as he could reach
and then slowly move back up photo young sex
my leg and under the leg of my swimsuit. He
would squeeze the lower part of my asian youngest fuck
ass cheek before he would start back
down my leg. His touch was soft and felt nice to me so I didn't object. I
stayed longer than necessary on his shoulders. I started moving down his
back young teen swimsuit
and he was not able to young erotic girls keep his young xxx tgp hand on my ass.
I started pushing the towel lower on his ass and he picked his
midsection up and told me to pull the towel off of him. I was now looking
at his not too fat ass and legs young black nude that had muscles that had gone soft from
age and lack of use. I poured some more oil in the small of his back and
started rubbing in into his ass cheeks. He moaned a couple of times as my
hands passed over his ass cheeks and down his ham strings. I rubbed harder
on his legs and then soft when I came back up to his ass. I noticed that
every time I moved up his ass his legs would spread a little and the crack
of his ass would open even more.
I pulled the pool of oil that was just above his ass and slowly let
it run down the crack. I moved my hand between his legs and rubbed the oil
into his balls as it ran down to them. His scrotum was long enough that I
was able to pull his balls up and almost place them Blonde busty young on his ass. His balls
were quiet large young sex video and there was some long gray hair sprinkled about his
sack. As I played with his balls incest rape young with one hand I moved around and massaged
his feet with the other hand. I continued this for a good ten minutes when
the old man said he thought he was done on his stomach. When I released
his balls he rolled over as I stepped back.
He grinned at me as he lay back down and spread his legs until his
balls fell onto the table. His stomach was round and firm and spread out
about him young schoolgirls thumbs as I was expecting. I rubbed my hands around in circles as I
applied some more oil to him. His stomach didn't feel as I had expected it
to. It was firm and soft at the same time just as a man's cock feels when
he is hard. I started making bigger and bigger circles until I was rubbing
from just below his tits, down his sides, around just above his cock,
through his pubic gray hair and back again. When I started making these
large circles I was almost touching his stomach with my chest.
He giggled a couple of times and said my attention to his stomach
was very nice. I looked down at his cock and even thought it appeared to
be hard it was lying on top of his balls instead of standing up like I
expected it to. I reached down and grabbed his shaft and pulled the
foreskin up and young orgies down a few times thinking it would stand up by itself. The
old gentleman moaned a couple of times and spread his legs even more. I
grabbed his legs and pulled him closer to the end of the table and took my
swimming suit off. He raised his head up to see what I was doing but never
said a word.
I poured some of the oil on my on stomach and moved in between his
legs again. I grabbed his cock and pulled nudist young boys it up against his belly. As I
pressed my stomach against his cock, our stomachs sandwiched his cock
between them. I started pushing my hands up and down his stomach, which in
turn forced our stomachs to slide up and down his cock. The old man laid
his head back down and moaned as I continued to rub his cock against our
I kept this up for a good five minutes when I felt the man's
breathing starting to get harder and naturism young girls faster. I knew he was about to cum
and decided to help him along. I reached underneath my belly and started
playing with his balls as I picked up the pace of rocking against his
stomach. pre young porn He reached up and started pinching his tits as I could feel his
balls in my hands drawing up toward his shaft. As I felt the first volley
of cum rushing through his cock I reached down and grabbed it with my hand
and started jerking up and down. He had four or five blast before his cum
started just running out the head of his cock. When I felt his body stop
jerking, I let go of his cock and reached for a towel to clean the two of
us up.
He didn't say a word as I wiped the oil and cum from his body and
then my own. I suggested we go to the hot tubs so we could really clean
the oil off of our bodies. He nodded his agreement, young small pussie but it was all I could
do to get him up off of the table. We finally made it to the tubs and I
helped him step down into one as I eased myself down as well. He leaned
back and closed his eyes as he let the warmth of the water cover his body.
He young boy thumb looked so contented that I sat back and waited to see if there was
anything else he needed. A couple of times I asked him if he was awake as
he continued to keep his eyes closed. I then asked him how long should we
stay in the tub.
He told me to let him stay there for about fifteen minutes and I
could then help him to the showers. I told him that I was going to go back
and clean up the room we had used but would be sure to return and help him.
There was not much to clean up except the table we had used and I put the
bottle of oil back upon the shelf. After about ten minutes I went back to
the tub and helped him out and to the showers. He just stood there with
the water running down his body when I asked if he needed any help washing
himself. He told me that he was getting his energy back and would be just
fine. I headed back to Uncle Joe's little room, but noticed the looks I
got from three other men that were in the shower. I also noticed that as I
left they all drifted toward youngest nude photos
the gentleman I had left.
Just as I was sitting back down Uncle Joe walked in and his face
lit up when he saw me. He came right over to me and wrapped his arm around
my shoulders as we entered his dressing room. He sat down on the table and
picked his feet up for me to remove his shoes and socks. He stood up and
removed the rest of his clothing without any help from me. When he was
completely naked he had me remove my swimsuit and crawl upon the table. He
moved down between my legs and spread them as he slowly sucked my soft cock
into his mouth. It only took a couple of seconds for it to get hard. He
was no longer being slow as he was quickly bringing me to an orgasm.
Just when I thought I was about to cum he stopped and reached for
some of the oil on the shelf. I noticed he rubbed some on his cock and
then pulled me to the edge of the table. He lifted my legs up and over his
shoulders as he placed the head of his cock against my asshole. super young pussy He started
rolling his cock around my asshole as he looked at my face and told me that
he had a man coming by in an hour who had never had sex with a boy before
but was very interested. He asked me if it would be all right for him to
have his way with me. I said I didn't see any reason why he couldn't.
Uncle Joe then told me that he didn't know how young pic forums this young softcore man would treat me and
if I didn't want to try he would understand.
I said that I didn't feel scared as long as he was close enough to
help if I needed it. He grinned at me and while he was rubbing his cock
head against my asshole he said that he was going to fuck me hard so I
would know what to Author contest young expect if the other man wanted young boy masturbating it that way. Before I
fully understood what he was saying he rammed his cock teens young lollitas completely into my
asshole and started pumping as fast as he could. I wanted to scream from
the pain but didn't have time. He was pumping into me so fast that it was
all I could do to catch young nude toon my breath. After about fifteen thrusts I was able
to catch up to his thrusting and the pain had started going away.
My youngest nudes cock had decided to enjoy the fun as well as it sprang youngest german porn up and
wanted some attention. I reached up and grabbed my cock and started
jerking myself forever young alphaville
off. Uncle Joe noticed it and quickly pulled my legs from
his shoulders and flipped me over on the table. He was now entering my
asshole from behind and was able to pound into me even harder. He was
grunting with each thrust as my thighs were being slammed into the edge of
the table. I was about to scream out from the pain when his cock rubbed
against something inside me that caused my cock to jerk violently as my cum
shot out of my cock.
Uncle Joe moaned as he felt my asshole clamp down on his cock. He
pumped harder as his own cock erupted inside me. He started pumping slower
as he rubbed my ass. He finally pulled his limp cock out of my ass and
leaned down on my back.
"Are you all right?" He asked as he slowly rubbed my back with his
large fat hands.
"I feel fine, just a little sore back there." I said as he gently
started rubbing my ass cheeks
He suggested that we needed to go soak in the hot tub so that my
rear end would start Ass fuck young to feel right again. I stood up and though I felt a
little sore I didn't really have any trouble walking. Uncle Joe told me to
just grab a towel and leave the swimsuit off. We headed to the tubs and
Uncle Joe chose one that was not being used by anyone else. He sat down in
the water and had me sit on his lap. He moved his hands underneath my ass
and slowly started massaging my asshole. He was working a couple of
fingers in my asshole while the hot water whirled around it. The heat was
making the soreness leave my body and was beginning to feel real good.
Uncle Joe noticed that I had started to enjoy the fingers going in
and out of my asshole so he pulled them out and extremely young hentai slid me off of his lap. I
leaned against him, as I really wanted some more attention from him. He
let me lean against him as he told me that the man that was going to meet
us later was hopefully going to be a business associate of his. He then
told me that he had found out that the man had been raped young incest teenie
when he was about
13 by a group of men and at times he had been very young nude land
mean. Uncle Joe told me
that one evening while the man was very drunk that he told him what had
happened and that he had often thought about fucking some boy in the ass.
Uncle Joe went on to tell me that he told him that he knew where he
might get lucky. He went on to tell me that he didn't know if the man
would be rough or not. Uncle Joe let me know that he had a little bottle
in the room that if the pain youngest cuties samples got to bad or the action too rough that I
should take a couple of quick deep breaths from. He said it was something
that would make me feel warm and relax me. He also said that I was to do
whatever the man told me to do.
We sat there for a few more minutes when Uncle Joe suggested we do
a few laps in the swimming pool. I reminded him that I didn't have my suit
on but he said that this time it would be all right. We managed to swim
four laps before I had to stop and catch my breath. When we stopped I
couldn't believe how tight my body felt as it seemed that all my muscles
were pumped full of blood and young girls fingering harder than they youngest panties pic had ever felt before.
We left the pool and entered the sauna area and I stretched out on
the bench as the heat started doing its magic on my tight muscles. After
about five minutes rape gang young in the sauna it felt as if my muscles were melting as
the sweat rolled off of my body. When we entered there was no one there
but and older man came in and started talking to Uncle Joe as I rolled over
on my stomach.
Uncle Joe and the man talked about things that had happened in the
neighborhood during the past week and I was almost asleep when I felt the
old man's foot as it started pushing its way into the crack of my ass. The
foot was beginning to feel good as I started to drift off to sleep again.
I was almost gone when someone opened the door to the sauna and asked for
Uncle Joe. It was the man that worked at the front desk and he said youngmodl
was someone at the desk to see him. Uncle Joe asked what the man looked
like and then told the man to tell him which room to go to. Uncle Joe then
tapped me on the shoulder and said we had to go back to the dressing room.
While we were headed back to the room, Uncle Joe told me that the
man he was expecting was here. He then told me to relax as we entered bikini young girl the
room and he reached into his jacket pocket young innocent illegal and handed me the little bottle
he had told me about before.
The man walked into the room and was dressed russian naturist young
like most of the men
that frequented the bathhouse. He was taller than Uncle Joe but not quiet
as old. He had a big body but there was a lot more muscle than fat. He
looked at Uncle Joe and shook his hand and asked if I was the boy Uncle Joe
had mentioned. Uncle Joe assured him that I was and he reminded him to be
careful with me.
Uncle young teen mpeg
Joe moved to the door and told the man that he would probably
be in the sauna when he was through. I stood there with the towel wrapped
around me waiting for some orders from the man in front of me. young girls pussy He removed
his jacket and then his shirt and I was standing face to face with the most
hair I had ever seen on a man. He noticed the wide-eyed look on my face
and grinned at me. He sat down on the table and removed his shoes and
socks. He stood up to remove his pants and teens gilrs younger
I was all eyes waiting to see
the rest of his body.
"What were you told to do?" The man asked as he removed his pants.
"I was told to do whatever you wanted me to do." I said as I
noticed the dark black hair that covered the man's ass.
The hair was so thick that it looked as if the crack of his ass was
covered in fur. When he turned around I had to look hard to see his cock
as it was hid inside a large bush of pubic hair. I couldn't even see his
balls because there was so much hair. This was one hairy man that was now
stepping toward me. He grabbed me and pulled me into all the fur that
covered his body. When he pulled me into him I dropped the towel I was
holding. He reached out and picked me up and placed me on the table.
He grabbed my breast and squeezed them a little young nude cheerleaders
harder than I
wanted him too. I started to scream out but was able to control myself.
His hands moved down my stomach as he pushed in on it with his huge claw
like hands. He was rough or at least rougher than I had felt before. He
moved his hands down to my cock and balls, which he also treated rough. He
pulled the foreskin back very hard while his other hand pulled at my teeny young nudes balls.
The pain shot through me as he pulled too hard on my balls and my body
contracted in pain. He let my balls go and slowly rubbed them as if to say
he was sorry for the pain.
He grabbed both of my legs and I felt his coarse hair scratching
the back of my legs as he placed them against his chest. I felt his hands
as they forced my ass further open and he tried to force a finger in my
asshole. I was able to mumble to him that it would go easier if he used
the oil in the bottles on the wall. He grabbed one of the bottles and
poured more than enough oil on his hand and my asshole. I could young nude ukranian
feel it
running down the crack of my ass and onto the table. When he pushed his
finger this time it slid right in. He started fucking his finger in my
asshole real fast and was causing some pain. I felt his finger leave my
asshole as the head of his cock pushed against it. He tried to force it in
but from the amount of pressure I could feel I debud young female knew it was not going to be
He was pushing harder and harder as he grunted while trying to
force his cock inside me. I reached back and grabbed my ass cheeks and
pulled them apart as much as I could. The head of his cock popped inside
my asshole as the pain shot through my body. Either the excitement of his
cock entering me or the little scream that I was able to muffle stopped him
for a second. He then pulled back a younger nudists pics little and rammed more of his cock
into me. It was apparent from the pain and pressure I was getting that his
cock was at least thicker than Uncle Joe's.
He was starting to sweat as the hair on his body was sticking to
his large muscles. He was moaning and grunting and still hadn't managed to
get young ladies pussy all of his cock into my asshole. He grunted one loud time as I felt
his pubic hair rubbing against young nypmhetes my balls. He then grabbed my legs and
started pumping as fast as he could. He was actually picking my ass up off
of the table as he rammed his cock in and out of my asshole. I could hear
the wet slapping noise as his thighs pounded into my ass.
The pain had subsided and I could feel the warm feeling growing
inside my ass. My cock had started to grow. I reached up and started
jerking on my cock when all at once he pulled his cock out of my asshole
and moved petite young cheerleader
up by my head. He had continued to jerk his cock as he placed
the head of his cock at my mouth. I opened my mouth and he forced the head
and about three inches of the shaft into my mouth and against the back of
my throat. His cock was so thick that my mouth was stretched as far as it
could be and my jaws were aching from being forced so far apart.
He was to close to cumming to worry about what I was feeling. He
was pumping his cock in and out of my mouth as he continued to jerk on the
shaft. I felt the young sexy preeten cock head swell even more as it started shooting hot cum
down my throat. I thought I was going to chock on all the cum but it was
deep enough down my throat that when I swallowed it all very young babes
went strait down
without any difficulty. He blasted about five times down my throat and
then pulled his cock out of my throat and young fucking old left nothing but the head of his
cock in my mouth. He continued to jerk on his cock and I could feel the
cum as it rolled out of the piss slit and onto my tongue.
He held my head in place as he slowly started to move the head of
his cock around in my mouth. I could tell it was beginning to grow again
as he pushed it down my throat a time or two. Just as quickly as he had
forced his cock into my young hotties
mouth he pulled it out and grabbed my waist. nubile young teens He
spun me around and had me stand on the floor and reach out with nothing but
my hands on the table. He kicked my legs apart as I felt him line his cock
up with my asshole. I braced myself for what I figured was going to be a
painful thrust. He pushed his cock into my asshole with all the force he
I was surprised that there was very little pain and his cock went
all the way inside with the first thrust. He pulled his cock almost all
the way out and then rammed it home again. He did this for a good five
minutes and I had managed to set up a pace that matched his. I was pushing
back as he was ramming his cock home. I was really getting into the
fucking he was giving me and my cock was hard and jerking youngest virgins pics each time he
forced it in.
The first time I came he wasn't able to pull youngest teenie
his cock out until the
muscles in my asshole relaxed. He moaned when he felt this and young lollita porno
waited for
a second or two. He then started pumping in just as before. I came a
second time and was getting very tired when all at once he reached up and
grabbed my shoulders. He pulled my shoulders back as he rammed his cock
into me.
"Here it comes." He yelled as he rapidly rammed his cock deep in
my asshole.
The quick pumping forced me over the edge again just as I felt his
cock swell and then blast his hot cum deep inside me. I felt the heat from
the cum as it spread throughout my asshole. After a few violent jerking
thrust he was spent. He pushed me over to the table and fell on top of me
as I fell on top of the table. He didn't try to remove his cock, but just
lay on top of me. After a few seconds he kissed the back of my neck and
asked if I was all right.
When he pulled his cock out of my asshole I tender young nudes could feel his cum
running out, and then splatter as it hit the floor beneath us. He helped
me stand up and anal young tgp handed me a towel so I could clean myself up. He then
suggested young booty
we join Uncle Joe in the sauna. We wrapped a towel around
ourselves and I showed him where the saunas were.
When we entered I noticed some old man as he was sucking on Uncle
Joe's black young porn
cock. Uncle Joe motioned for us to join him and the old man didn't
stop. Uncle Joe placed his towel over the old man's head as he turned to
talk to the man that was with me. I sat down beside Uncle Joe and watched
the towel over the man's head real young boys as he moved up and down on Uncle Joe's cock.
Uncle Joe sat there talking with the man that came in with me as if nothing
was going on.
The man between Uncle Joe's legs moved around until he was standing
with his ass sticking up in the air. I reached out and grabbed the old
man's balls and bounced them in my hand as soft moans came from beneath the
towel. I noticed a couple of men sitting on the other side of the sauna
with very young russian their hard cocks in their hands. I moved one hand up to the top of
his ass crack and then slowly lowered it until I felt the man's asshole.
It was slippery from all the sweat young teen vid and I forced a finger inside. I felt
his ass muscles tighten up but then relax. I pushed a second and then a
third finger inside him. I was having no trouble as my fingers were
gliding in and out of his asshole.
I wanted to play some more with his balls but young nubile lesbians knew he wanted more
attention at his asshole. I motioned for the men across from us to come
over, then looked up at Uncle Joe to make sure it was all right. He nodded
that it was as he continued his conversation. The first man moved up
behind him and started rubbing his cock up and down the man's ass crack.
As the man spread his legs his asshole was filled with the man's cock. It
slid in easily as the man grabbed Uncle Barrymore drew young Joe's legs to help balance himself.
The man at his ass didn't young lollipop teens
last but a few thrusts before he was filling the
asshole full of cum. The second man pushed him away as he took his turn at
the man's attractive young crossdressers
I watched and was a little surprised as I felt the man's balls that
I was playing with pull away from my hands. I watched as his cock jumped a
couple of times before his cum started shooting out of his cock. I looked
up at Uncle Joe and it was if he didn't notice anything in the room except
the man he was talking to. The old man pulled his head out from under the
towel but Uncle Joe's cock kept it tented. He took another towel and
cleaned the cum off of the seat beneath him and then moved out of the room
along with the other two men.
I was curious about Uncle Joe's cock but a little tired at the time
and decided to stretch out on the seat at his feet. As I closed my eyes I
felt Uncle Joe's feet as he gently massaged my stomach. He and the man
continued their conversation. I heard different names and delivery dates,
and payoffs and a lot of other things that I didn't really understand.
Uncle Joe shook me with his feet and undergrond young sex
said it was time to cool off
in the pool. We got up and headed to one end of the pool where there was
no one else. I stepped into the cool water as Uncle Joe shook hands with
the other man and raped younger pics then stepped down beside me. He rubbed my back as he
leaned in and asked anime young butts if I was all right with what the other man had done to
me. When I said I was ok, he wanted all the details. As I told him
everything that we did I could feel his cock growing against my ass. young redhead nude
started rubbing his cock against me ever so lightly. When I had finished
telling him what we had done, he said we needed to go back to the dressing
When we got there he had me lean back on the table as he inspected
my asshole. He slowly ran a finger inside and said it felt a lot looser
than usual. He said he would love to inspect it with his cock but he
didn't have time but would make up for it tomorrow. He told me to grab a
towel as we headed to the showers. He quickly lathered himself up and was
rinsing off young teen cock when another man entered the shower. I was washing Uncle Joe's
rump when he turned around and presented his cock and balls to me. I
lathered them up as he rinsed his hair off.
Uncle Joe pulled me into him and was rubbing my back when I felt
the other man pressing against my ass. Uncle Joe whispered in my ear that
he knew the other man and he would be gentle with me. He told me to spread
my legs and he would hold me up. When youngest porn voyeur
I did as he said I felt the other
man feeling my asshole. I felt his cock as it slowly entered my asshole.
I was surprised that there was no pain just a lot of warmth coming from his
cock. He started a slow massage like fuck of my ass as Uncle Joe gingerly
lowered me down until I was leaning over and giving the man full access of
my ass.
The man was not ramming my ass as Uncle Joe and the other man young naked videos had,
but was slowly sliding his cock into me as he rubbed my ass with his
stomach and thighs. He was in no hurry and I tight young teens
was in no hurry for him to
finish. After the rough sex I had earlier in the day, what this man was
doing to me was unbelievable. I was willing to let him do what he was
doing for as long as he wanted.
Uncle Joe told the man that he was in extreme young teen a hurry and he needed to
finish up because he was not going to leave me there in the shower. The
man grunted that he understood and picked up the pace. He only lasted a
few more strokes as japan young teen I felt his warm cum spreading throughout my asshole.
He pulled out and slapped me on the ass as he said he would see me before I
Uncle Joe helped me get my legs underneath me as we both headed
back to the dressing room. I continued to clean myself up as Uncle Joe
dressed himself and handed me several bills. He said it was my usual pay
plus some for helping out with the other man. He then extream young porn told me that from
time to time the other man might want to get together with me again, but I
was free to say no at youngest nude free
any time. Uncle Joe made it clear to me that he
would not get mad if I turned the other man down. He then said something
about a shipment he had to go see about. As he left the room he told me to
be sure to check at the desk before I headed home.
I pushed the money in young porno russian my pants young cum shots pocket and started cleaning up
around the room. After a few minutes I was ready to go get some lunch. I
went to exposed young teens the front desk and the man handed me an envelope and grinned at me
as I walked toward the front door. I pushed the envelope into my pocket
without young naked twinks
looking at its contents. I was too busy looking around to find the
nearest cafe that served burgers. young people porno
I noticed one about a block away and
started off for it.
I sat down at the counter and ordered a burger with fries and a
malted shake. I took my time enjoying my meal as I thought about what I
could buy with the money I had. It was about that time I remembered the
envelope and decided to look inside. Inside were two notes along with
forty dollars. One of the notes said he enjoyed the shower while the other
said he hoped to receive more massages from me. I quickly wadded up the
notes and reached into my pocket and retrieved the notes that Uncle Joe had
given me. There was fifty dollars in five-dollar bills. I took one of the
bills and pushed the rest of them back into my pocket.
I paid for my meal and headed back young romanian lolas to the bathhouse. I really
didn't expect to make any more money but wanted to clean up the room for
tomorrow and get some clean towels. I also wanted to wait for a couple of
hours before I headed to the bank to open my account. I mopped the floor
and washed the table off before gathering the dirty towels and carrying
them to be exchanged. As I was returning with the towels I noticed a
couple of men watching me. They came over to the dressing room and asked
if I was open for business. I looked at them and didn't feel naked young fanny threatened by
their size. I asked them what they had in mind.
When they said that my mouth would be plenty for them I grinned and
told them to young small
step in. As they sat down on the table I started removing my
clothes because I didn't want to get anything on them. The two men seemed
to enjoy watching me as young olita I undressed. They removed the towels around their
waist and I could tell that they were excited but not quite hard yet. I
had them move together and spread their outside legs. I grabbed both of
the men's cocks as I slowly worked my hands up and down. I then sucked one
in my mouth as my hand continued to massage the other man's cock.
When the cock I was sucking on was hard and half way down my throat
I knew it was time to work on the other cock. I removed my mouth and
replaced it with my hand as I moved my head over to the other cock. The
second cock was not as long but a lot thicker. I managed to get all of the
cock into my mouth, as I tasted some pre cum. I heard the man moan as he
started pumping his cock into my mouth. He didn't last long as my mouth
was filled with his cum. I managed to swallow all of it, and I continued
to suck his cock until I couldn't taste anymore cum.
I moved my mouth from his cock and moved back to the first man. My
hand and most of his cock was covered with pre cum. I licked my hand and
his cock clean as he tried to force his cock back into my mouth. I finally
let the man push his cock into my mouth and throat. As I bobbed up and
down on his cock it started going further and further down my throat. He
grabbed my head and was holding it tight in his hands as he fucked my
mouth. The other man stepped down off of the table and had started sucking
on my cock. I was able to focus all my attention on the man sucking my
cock and was almost ready to cum. I was trying to wait so I wouldn't
interrupt the man fucking my mouth. All at once I felt the cum hit the
back of my throat just as my own body jerked. I was filling the man's
mouth that was sucking my cock while I was swallowing the cum from the man
I was sucking.
We all pulled ourselves together as we slowly got our strength
back. The two men handed me five dollars each and thanked me as they left
the room. I dressed young gay studs
and started toward the bank with more money than I
could imagine ever having at the time. When I entered the bank I wasn't
sure where I should go, but when a man that I had seen in the bathhouse saw
me he came right over to find out what I needed. He took me shy young sexy to his desk
and explained everything about the account and how to make deposits and
withdrawals from it. He also told me that since he kind of knew me that he
would sign for me and I didn't have to bother young lollita art my mother. He handed me a
little book and asked me how much I was going to deposit today. I told him
one hundred dollars and he sort of took a deep breath as he entered the
amount at the top of the first page of my book. He showed me how to enter
the amounts of deposits and withdrawals and how to add or subtract to show
how much I actually had in the account.
I thanked him and shook his hand as I left the bank and started
home. I decided that I would keep ten dollars of the money I had at home
and deposit the rest. I felt like I was floating above the sidewalk as I
made my way back toward the apartment. I had made it about half way home
when I ran into my mother. I told young women undressing her that I had opened the account and
the man in the bank had signed for me since he had seen me at the
She grinned and young art nn placed naturism gallery young her arms young naturist russian around my shoulder and said I was
growing up into a fine young man.

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