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Subject: Loving Jan-Michael Part 2Disclaimer: This is a series of stories about my fantasy for the hottest
male tennis player Jan- Michael Gambill and other male tennis stars. The
story is purely fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the
true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about
their private lives. If you are not at the lolita pree teen models legal age to view sexual
materials, please top 100 lolita portal turn back now.Author's Note: Sorry that it took so long for part 2 to be up here, I know
it's been forever, I just had a lot going on young lolita top candid in russian lolita uncensored pictures
my life. I finally able to
at least get part 2 done, well almost. I really hope to continue, but I
guess it all depends on time. Thanks to all those who emailed me with their
encouragement and comments, especially Michael, Dwayne and loli nude free top Robby. I
appreciate them very much. Keep those emails coming, I enjoy top models lolitas 100 meeting new
people from all over the world too! Enjoy the story! foto de lolitas xxx Robby, I missed you.
If you are ebony loltas top models
reading this, email me!!! My email address is
Loving Jan-Michael part 2
After the amazing blowjob I received from some anonymous guy in the
restroom's glory hole, I quickly ran to tiny teen loli gallery
court 3, my assignment to get ready
for my "ballboy" duties. I thought great, this lolitas lesvianas en video is going to be so fun. lolita slaves preteen porn I got
there preteen lolitas top 100
while the two players came to the court to warm-up. I wasn't paying
attention to who they are because I was trying to take a peak at
Jan-Michael at the court next to mine. I was looking through the bleachers
to locate him somewhere on the court. And there he is, the stud of my
dreams, the hunk of my wildest fantasies. He just best preteen lolita paysites looks so incredible in
those tennis clothes. He was wearing a white short-sleeve tennis shirt that
usually everybody else wears, but it looked extremely good on him. You just
want to run over there free gallery lolita ch and tear the lolitas preteen naked grils shirt off to reveal the awesome body
that he has. If I wanted to do young nude lolita boys that, I had to climb over the fucking fence
and run through the big crowd life size nude lolitas
who is gathering to see him (there horny
bastards, hehe) He was also wearing preteen lolita bbs archives a nice-looking pair of white shorts
that fit perfectly around his waist. Oh look free loli adult games at that nice butt. The best
butt ever. Going down, great tanned legs with just the right amount of
hair, not too much, not too little. little angels preteen lolita A pair of black socks covered his
ankles and a new pair of tennis shoes. Wait a minute, some how those legs,
socks and shoes looked familiar to me, very familiar. Where have I seen
them? Oh my god, I remember, those were the exact legs, socks and shoes I
saw when video sweet teen lolita I lolita spelled in russian was in the rest room. It belonged to the guy next to my stall
who was giving me the best head ever! That's not possible, it couldn't be
him, private underage lolita pictures maybe it's just a coincident. As much as I wanted it to be true, I let
this silly thought off of my mind. It couldn't be him, or little russian lolita pix could it? I was
taking more glances at him when the chair empire on my court called "ready
to play" so I had to not stare japanese lolita lollipop nude at Jan-Michael for a moment and start my
duties lolita incest stories ru
to pick up balls.I wasn't paying attention to the game at all, lolli 14 sexy daddy
I just ran around and picked
up balls. One of the balls hit me because this fucking player didn't know
how to friggin' serve, well, it might be my fault too, because I was too
busy taking peeks at Jan-Michael when he was changing between sets. God it
was a chochos lindos lolitas violadas beautiful sight, how can lolita fuck universal teens
a man be so free lolita preteen tgp perfect. Nice looking pecs, with
two round nipples that young teen lolita sex just make you wanna go and lick them. A good solid
six-pack that shows that he has been working out. Too bad he didn't change
his shorts, I think players should be allowed to change their shorts on
court, it's not a big deal, is it? It gets pretty sweaty in that area, and
better yet they should be allowed to change their underwear too! (yeah
rightttt, I probably will cream in my pants again if that ever happens.),
I'm just glad the ball didn't hit my balls. The match was finally over
around noon, preteen ukrainian nymphet lolita thank god, it was so hot that I can't even stand asian lolitas showing pink it anymore. I
didn't know who won, like I said before, I wasn't paying any attention, and
it's not like I cared or anything.I went to the locker room for the volunteers to change to my regular
clothes and ready to get home. As I was walking into young lolita pic galleries the building, I feel
a presence following me behind. My instincts told me to turn around, so I
did. Oh my god, it's Jan-Michael. The hottest guy ever is standing lolita bbs picture post right
behind me. I didn't know lolita underage cp toplist what to do, I was just standing there and unable
to move. It was he who started talking first. "Hi, did you see something
you like?" He asked with his killer smile. I was just about to die right
there, this hunk is leaving me breathless and speechless, I don't know what
to say. In my mind, I was like, 'what a stupid question, of course I see
something that I like.' He pre teen lolita tube broke the awkward silence again, v rg ns lolita
"do you want to
go have a drink or something?" I preteen lolita softcore pic
cannot believe my ears, the man of my
dreams is actually asking me to go out for a drink with him. How can I
reject this offer, so I free lolita bikini pics stuttered, "yeah, of course, I'd love it" He
replied, "yeah, little lolita models naked just sandra lolita preteen model get me a minute, let me change into something more
comfortable and I'll be right out, wait for pthc kds loli bbs
me by the back door over
there." He gave me a wink and went into the players' locker room which is
across from the workers' locker room.I quickly went into my locker room, and my mind was totally blank. Am I
dreaming? This can't be true, how can real lolita nude pix
a stud like Jan-Michael ask me out
for a drink. This is not possible. I pinched myself trying to get back to
reality. I felt the pain, and this is actually real. Oh my God!!!! I
changed back to my regular clothes as fast as I can and was out of the room
in forbidden lolita 10 yo
less than a minute. I reached the back door and didn't see Jan-Michael
anywhere in sight. young lolita pictures only Oh shit, it's probably just a daydream or something. I
was so disappointed and ready to go when I saw this figure emerging from
the players' locker room and was walking towards me. I took a close look,
and there he is. The stud muffin, dressed very casual in a white Calvin
Klein T-shirt and faded jeans. What a sight, he looked good no matter pink tiny lolita pics what
he wears, actually, I bet he looked way sexy if he took everything off,
hehe. He was also wearing a Nike 14 yo lolita 16
baseball cap. I assume that it was for a
disguise or something so people don't recognize him. He gave me that killer
smile again with his piercing blue eyes looking right at me. The eyes were
just so beautiful, the reflection from the sun made them look like blue
crystals. I under lolita teen porn think I needed a map, because I very youngest naked loliras was just lost in his
eyes. Anyway, he came over me and gave me a handshake and said "let's go
for that drink."I find it to be loli pic bbs com extremely odd that free young lolitas tgp this hot tennis star that all the girls
and guys are longing for, is actually asking me to join him for a
drink. What's up with that, it's so weird, I preteens lolita girls xxx
guess I'll lolita land nude pics find it later. So
we walked to this coffee place that is around campus, and we sat down in
the corner table with our frappucinos. The first thing lolitas years old gallery I asked him was,
"why did you ask me to come for a drink with you?" He best loli bbs lists
started laughing for
some reason, I thought I got something on my face or something. It's
probably my facial expression when I asked that question because I was
still in a state of bewilderment, I still can't russian lolitta pussy freesite believe this is
happening. lolita girls legal topless
He leaned towards me and motion for me to come nearer. So I
leaned forward a little too so my left ear is inches from his hot kissable
lips. The next statement that came out of his mouth literally gave me a
heart attack. He whispered softly with his sexy voice into my naked extremely young lolitas
ear "I was
the guy nude lolitas young photo in the rest room." Oh my god, he did not just photos de lolitas nues say that. This is so
unreal. I was in total shock. Here it is, this hottest hunk ever, is
actually telling me that he blowed me in the rest room. This is so not
happening. Is this real or it's just hot lolitas yo 14 another one of loli cp bd sisters my tgp video little lolita fantasies. The next
question that came out of my mouth was "How did lola nude 14yo free you know that it was lolitas pre teens modelos cp lolita preteen bbs
He said with ease, "I recognized your shoes and your nice looking legs when
I saw you in the hall photo pics young loli way to the locker room, and I saw how you were taking
peeks at me when I was playing nn models lollipop us
my match." This is so cool, here I am,
talking to the man of my dreams. This is the best day of my life. Come to
think of it, I actually did the right thing to sign up nude loli teen pics for the volunteer
job.He continued, "you seem very surprised.""surprised? Of course I am, you know how many times I jacked off thinking
of you, like a billion times by now. I still can't believe this is
happening.""Well real russian lolita pics
here I am, right in front of you, you innocent lolita kiddy nymphet seem like a nice guy, nude lolitas sun bbs
and I
thought you could preteen loli bbs pthc return the favor of what I gave you in that rest room.""Yeah of course, that's not a problem at all." That was all I can say, hell
knows how many times I been thinking about having my mouth over that
manhood of his. I bet it's nice, big and sher khan lolita generator juicy. lolitas hot non nude I'm candid teen preteen lolitas getting hard just
thinking about it."Okay, that's cool, you wanna come pre teen loli bbs to my hotel room?"How can secret models cute lolitas I resist an offer like that, I jumped at the chance."Yeah, that would be so nice.""Cool, come and preteen underage lolita sex
follow me then"We loli 17 year teens walked for a couple lolita bbs russian forbidden of minutes russian lolita sex girl
toward where he was staying at. While we
were walking, we engaged in a very interesting conversation. I told him my
name and talked about what we liked and disliked. real cp lolita boys
We actually lolita family incest galleries
share a lot
of things in lollita model photo preteen common, same favorite color, tv shows, music etc. He's really
a nice and little girls naked lolita
sweet guy. He paid attention to every word that I said. I find
him to lolita russian sex sex be extremely genuine, and the fact that he is even more hotter than
before.Finally, we got into his hotel room. As soon as the door closes, we began
exchanging non nude lolita angels
passionate kisses. His soft lips on mine. I moved my hands all
over his body, his back, butt... I could feel a raging hardon from his
jeans that is longing to get out. We began french kissing, and I felt his
tongue in my mouth touching every spot. His hands going up legal lolita model pics and down on my
back. We got to the bed while our tongues are still in each other's
mouths. He put me on the bed free pics lolita tits on my back. He began placing little kisses on
my forehead and going down to lick my nose and underage lolita models sites my lolitas video ls teen earlobe. God, this man
knows what he is doing. All best dark lolitas portals I can do is moan in pleasure. His hot tongue
kept going lolita ls dream tgp down. russian lolita teen models
He used his hands to pull my shirt over my head. I also
did the same to him. His body is so beautiful. Well built, board image jpg loli
it looks even
better up close. He nn lol bbs models
went back to his tongue job hot sexy preteen lolitas and started to lick my
already hard nipples. I knew this guy is good with his racket, but man, he
is even better with his tongue. He could just bring me to orgasm by licking
me. Just when he is about young lolita child models to move on and take off my shorts, the phone
rang...To be continued...
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